Psalm 23:1

The whole of humanity throughout its history grappled with the burning issue on human nature which can be boiled down to this question:  "Are We Born As 'Sinners'"?  World religions, human philosophies and people individually wrestle with this question and ultimately fall into a fold of certain understanding which consequently will have profound personal and corporate consequences.  The fifth century A.D. sees rise in two towering figures within Christendom in relation to this question; Pelagius and Augustin.  These two Christian men have set the stage for the rest of Christendom relating to the question 'Are We Born Sinners'?  and consequently 'How Are We Saved'?  The two views they took were the polar opposites from each other.  All Christian Churches and Denominations fall somewhere in between these two extreme views these two people held.  Please join us and invite your friend.  You really don't want to miss this.