The Way of Salvation

Sermon series focusing on Salvation as portrayed, experienced and played out in the Old Testament Sanctuary/Temple.  Here are the topics we will cover in these series: He Tells Us We Are Safe In His Hands, He Meets Us As Sinner (The Outer Court), He Transforms Us (The Holy Place), He Vindicates Us (The Most Holy Place), He Calls Us To His Glory (Moses' Experience), He Defends Us As Advocate.  
This Sabbath's Sermon will focus on inauguration of the Sanctuary in the desert.  Due to Covid 19 pandemic so many countries have gone to such a length to ensure safety of their people.  The balancing act between health safety on one hand and economic safety on the other, will be the most important balancing act all countries and their political leadership will have to grapple with in short and long term.  How does God deal with the issue of safety relating to humans?  God's idea of designing and establishing Sanctuary is all about securing the ultimate safety for humanity.  So here are the questions we ask arising from the study of Exodus 40:  Are we safe from God's point of view?  How safe are we?  What Gives Us Assurance of Ultimate Safety?  What Does God Do to Assure Us of Safety and Security in Him?