A few words from our Pastor

We are so glad you chose to visit us. We as a church welcome your enquiring questions and at the same time, we would cherish the opportunity to welcome you as a person whom we would like to get to know and value as one of our own. We hope that you will feel the vibes of warm hospitality stemming from multiethnic flavour (more than 30 nations represented). However, our ultimate hope is that you will experience more than just meeting a bunch of happy people but meeting the group of people whose life’s secret is found in that which we joyously proclaim. We love both living and proclaiming the trust in our God who created us and in Jesus saved us. We want to exhibit that He is real in our lives and that He is with us when things go well or when things go bad in our lives. We find special pleasure in sharing with others that Jesus is coming again to bring to an end the misery of humanity and give us eternal life filled with never ending joy in Him. We trust that any of the ministries (Kids, youth, young adults, social, elderly, communication…) you encounter will strike you as displaying something special which will draw you to us.

Meet Our Pastor

Billy Martinez
  • Pastor