Donors Covering Transaction Fees

Credit card processing fees are a necessary evil of online giving. But what if you could increase your total giving with one checkbox?

Payment processing really isn’t possible without the gateways which make donations possible. Nevertheless, it’s always a bit deflating to see $100 donation come in and find out you only get $97.76 of it.

Why We Are Asking Donors to Help

As much as you know how that 1.9% negatively affects your bottom line, your donors know it, too. When you donate, you want to know that your money is going to good use.

Not everyone understands the operating costs associated with running a church and nonprofit branches, and many donors would like to think that every dollar they give us goes toward feeding our community, evangelism or the next local church mission project.

But the truth is, we need money to support the infrastructure that allows good, impactful, life-changing things to happen. By giving donors the option to pick up the donation fees, we’re being honest and forthright by saying, “We have daily operational costs and need your help.” And as strange as this sounds, that might be an eye-opener to many people.

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