This week we are looking at chapters 11 and 12 of Exodus. These chapters are the center in a transition from slavery to freedom, from unbelievers to believers. These chapters sees the power of God to its fullest in the form of his everlasting love for his people, not only to the Israelites but for Pharaoh and his nation as well.

The last plague of judgement is unleashed with it a stern warning but at the same time an inviting solution. God loves Israel but he also loves his people across the face of the earth including the Egyptians, and He gave an opportunity to repent to both nations. One to soften their heart and to the other to restore a believing heart.

The Bible is explicit about the condition of our hearts. According to Jeremiah “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked”. This is a serious problem that is a constant reality in our lives that is continually rejecting the will and desires of God in our lives. Pharaoh experienced this reality and so are we.

Through this amazing story of God’s love and desire to rescue and save His people we are going to venture into our own hearts and examine our lives to see if we are also limiting the saving power of God. God has provided a way out of our slavery of sin; He has provided the ONLY way out which is that BLOOD splashed on those doorframes.