What Does True Freedom Look Like? (Exodus 6)

Fresh after the encounter with God at the burning bush Moses comes to Hebrew slaves in Egypt. He tells them of the encounter with God but then passes on in full details the the good news from God about freedom they are about to experience. Moses is God's messenger sharing with them, stage by stage and step by step process God will be taking them through in order to achieve the comprehensive freedom for them. This is a colossal endeavor which will transform the lives of the whole nation which have been slaves in Egypt for 350 years.

Why is this significant for us today?

It's twofold: If you are battling any form of enslavement to sin (addiction, idolatry, anger issues...) this sermon is for you. Also, if you desire to partner God like Moses did in mission He called you for then this sermon is for you.

Here are three questions we are going to explore:

1. What are the Stages of True Freedom?

2. What is the Heart of True Freedom?

3. What is the Final Destination of True Freedom?