Moses was born at the height of genocide when the life of Hebrew boys became worthless and expendable. Yet, the message of the Bible to those whose lives became worthless is, 'You are special'.

Here are the questions we are going to look at as we study Exodus 2.

Why is life of every boy and girl precious and special?

There are two essential values which make life of every person special. What are they?

We are also going to look at life's occupation as a vital source of human value. Moses tasted three life's pathways (life's occupations) of which one became His life's ultimate calling. The first one was the allurement to life long career of a prince. This one could have potentially taken him to become the pharaoh of Egypt. The second one was the allurement of social activism. This one was short lived. The last one was God's call to mission. We are going to look at each pathway individually with special emphasis on the first two.

Sermon Notes: