We will be engaging this Sabbath with Psalm 103. Psalms are called, "God's Counselling Book" and rightly so as they so powerfully engage with the condition of human heart and human emotions. It deals with God's people who are doubtful, lonely, angry, in grief, guilty, fearful and feeling shame. As we endeavour to go "Back to Basics" in our Christian Journey we are going to look at Ps. 103 which gives us the key on how to handle all life circumstances. If the principles outlined in this Psalms are applied through the discipline of prayer and meditation we will be able to properly deal with all that life throws at us. Here is the key text: "Praise the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits..." Remembering and not forgetting is the key. It's not just a mental exercise, it's much deeper and more comprehensive.

Here are the questions we are going to dwell on:

1. Why Do We Have to Remember?

2. What is the Crux of Remembering?

3. What Must We Remember?

4. How Are We To Remember?