Unfortunately, due to the spread of Covid 19 coronavirus, all Adventist Churches on the South Side of Brisbane have been instructed to delay the opening of their Churches for Church services for at least the next two Sabbaths (August 1 and August 8).  

Here are the instructions given by the South Queensland Conference which all churches on the Southside have received and been asked to follow:

"Given the developments and with the list of widespread movements of the individuals at the heart of the transmission, and the fact we do not know the movement and flow of potential contacts, that any ‘gathering’ of churches in the district under the current climate would be irresponsible. Therefore, we are directing all churches within the Brisbane South region to cease all gathering immediately (including worship) for the next two weeks. This will provide time for us to ascertain the impact of this outbreak and consider further action. But in the interim ALL CHURCHES WITHIN THE BRISBANE SOUTH REGION ARE TO CEASE ALL PHYSICAL GATHERINGS IMMMEDIATELY. A number of congregations have already taken this action and we are grateful for their proactive approach."

We have worked hard and virtually put all measures in place for the safe return to Church, but unortunately, we will have to delay it.  Let me urge you to put the return of church back to its services high on your list of prayer essentials.  

We will stay in touch with you to let you know when the reopening will take place. When we do have a new confirmed date we will instruct you all how to register again. We have learnt through the initial registration process that more people wish to attend the 11am service then capacity allows. Rather then having people register one time and be locked in to that service for however long we need to operate like this we thought it best to allow people equal opportunity each week to register for the service. This will allow people to select tickets like you would if attending any other venue with limited seating capacity. 

It has been encouraging to see everybody's eagerness to return and willingness to contribute. Thank you for your patience and may God bless you as you serve Him no matter what.