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Our New Website is Live!

If you haven't visisted our website recently then you may not know that it has had a make over. But rather than me ramble on about it how about you just check it out.

Go Check out

  • The home page with quick links to navigate around the site, latest news, events, messages and blog articles.
  • You need to get in touch with us about anything just fill out the Get in Touch form and we will get back to you.
  • Need to return you tithe, want to give back to the lord then head over to our Give page to learn how.
  • Do you need a prayer request, then head on over to our Pray For Me page and submit your prayer request, our prayer warriors are waiting to pray for you.
  • Want to know what events are up next, head over to our events page for virtual and physical event information.
  • You are reading this from our News section, check back for other news.
  • Did you want to get some details on our Ministries or reach our to ministry leaders head on over to the ministries section.
  • Catch up on past messages and access any study notes provided with them by accessing the message page.
  • Read our latest blog articles at our Anchored blog page, more topics and content coming soon.


And don't forget to check back and view our livestream every Sabbath morning and special midweek programs.