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Go ahead - Use your phone in Church

Yes that's right, we invite you to download our very own personalised church app and use it during church.

Ways to use during church?

  • You can access the Sermon Notes prepared by the the preacher of the week, follow along and make your own notes on the topic.
  • You can livestream the sermon and communicate with others watching live.
  • You can read the Bible within the app.
  • You can give from within the app.

Ways to use during the week?

  • Catch up on past messages by listening to the audio, watch the video and access your related saved sermon notes.
  • Read latest articles from our Anchored blog
  • Check our News Feed which includes our Social Media platforms Facebook and Instagram
  • Receive Notification's directly to your phone
  • Check what events are coming up
  • You need a special prayer, you want us to say a prayer of special thanks. Submit your prayer request and our prayer team will pray for you.

You can download the app by going to